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VRV Advisory and Services, Inc. (VASI) is a contemporary firm composed of seasoned individuals from different fields of specialization - business consulting and advisory, documentation, corporate and regulatory compliance, general and specialized construction, product outsourcing, and procurement & logistics. This diverse background enables us to provide energetic and personal approach to our clients needs with the highest of standards.


Our wide range of services are under two main umbrellas: Business Solutions and Engineering Solutions. This perfectly distill our team members' experience by offering carefully crafted products made for you and your business.

Our Business Solutions provide end-to-end client support from birth, actual operations, expansion, and end of life. We ensure that your operations is run smoothly and that all risks are discussed and mitigated.

Our Engineering Solutions represent our proficiency in the field of construction and energy. We ensure professional advise and execution in all of our projects by working closely with you.

We are also in partnership with Vega & Reyes-Vega law to complement our services for a holistic approach to your needs. Our combined expertise is proven not just by local transactions but several regional transactions as well.


We are trusted by clients in the field of agriculture equipment supply, industrial equipment supply, construction, maritime logistics, and electrical engineering trading and consultancy.

Our primary goal is simple: To make our clients do more, and be more.


We help Micro, Small and Medium sized Enterprises in achieving their business goals by providing a wide-range of support services.


To be one of the most efficient and trusted all-service firm in the Philippines catering to both local and foreign firms.

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